The literary genre «Travelling»is of two kinds. In the first place is a different description by an eyewitness-the traveler of geographical, ethnographic and social appearance seen countries and peoples, that is, documentary journey. They have, as a rule, cognitive and aesthetic value, especially written in the era when prose had not yet split into artistic and scientific.

Travel stories and records of the travelers themselves influenced the artistic genre of the travel. A significant role in its development was played by the legends that arose based on these stories and records. In the world literature are widely used techniques for the description of the documentary travel in the form of a travel diary and essay. The motive of the journey has always been common in many artistic genres of poetry and prose.

Fascinating travel descriptions of the era of Great geographical discoveries XV—XVI centuries, expeditions of the XVII—XVIII centuries, has made the journey, most popular in the literature. In that time was created a pirate and socio-utopian novels in the form of travel diaries, notes or memories about the amazing countries. The educational genre of the travel novel appeared.

This page presents books that will be useful not only for those who planning travel, but also for those who are expanding their horizons and learns about new cities and countries information without having to visit them. Some books have a wonderful ability to bring us to the most remote places – thanks to poetic and rich colorful details of the story. Enjoy listening.

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