An essay is a small-sized prose and free composition that conveys personal impressions and feelings on a particular subject. This is just a personal vision of the issue that highlights a specific essay topic. The essay can be written on a given topic, or it can be written freely. If you are writing an essay on a suggested topic, you need to reproduce as deeply as possible all your knowledge and outlook in this small text.

Essays can be presented in the following types: narrative, descriptive, evidential.Nevertheless, this distribution is conditional, since most essays combine characteristics of different types.

Mastering writing skills involves learning to write an essay on a proposed topic, and this requires the formation of the following skills: write a plan (simple and detailed); logically construct the text; clearly express cause and effect relationships. Also is expressing a chain of thoughts; correctly design the work; use examples, explanations; choose the type of conclusions; demonstrate the ability to use different grammar and choose words; justify your own opinion.

In the essay, the authors present their own interpretation of the facts, that is, express their own ideas, thoughts and feelings. Each essay consists of several parts. There are three main components: introduction, main part and conclusions.

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