The narrative is an epic genre, which is characterized by concise sketch of one or more events in the life of protagonist or several persons. These events are shown only in a few episodes. Often narrated in the first person.

In the story, pay great attention to the portrayal of events and circumstances of various descriptions, of which history does not tolerate. The presence of the external circuit actions, slower in comparison with the novel development of action — a characteristic feature of the story.

The story is a small genre of epic; a short prose story that is based on one, sometimes several episodes in the life of one or more characters. The small size works require a uniform, clear structure of the story, showing characters formed mainly in the form of, use of compressed concise descriptions. The short story as a genre is close to another epic genre of small forms — short stories, but it has a more expressive composition, the presence of descriptions, reflections, digressions. The conflict in the story, if it is not as acute as in the novel. The story is often the narrator. As an independent genre of the story was formed in the XIX century. From that time, this genre is widespread in the literature.

The amount of time that can be described in the story has no restrictions, but most often in the story offend some event in the life of a hero product or a feature of human nature.

The main feature of the narrative is the description of only one character, one event, incident, same traits, one part of the plot, etc.; another symptom of the narrative is the authentic way, focusing on the fact that all what is described in the work is not fiction, but a real fact.

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