The short work is a small prose work in which a short time event or several events from the life of the protagonist are depicted; these events are shown in only a few episodes.

The story is a small genre of epic; a small prose work whose plot is based on one, sometimes several episodes from the life of one or more characters. The small size of the work requires a uniform, well-defined plot, for characters mostly in a formed form, the use of concise, concise descriptions. A story as a genre close to another form of epic genre - short stories, but differs from it in a more expressive composition, the presence of descriptions, thoughts, deviations. The conflict in the story, if there is one, is not as acute as in the short story. A story in a story is often conducted on behalf of the narrator.As an independent story genre was formed in the XIX century. Since then, this genre is common in fiction.

When there is no mood to immerse yourself in long works, read the best short stories. Deceptively simple and short, these stories sometimes contain more meaning than other novels. There is even an opinion that only the most talented of writers can take this genre. In twenty to thirty pages, they manage to contain love, despair, death, hope, and rebirth, ask the most provocative questions and help the reader find answers to them. In addition, we just have to listen online to “LibriVox” and enjoy!

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