Literary criticism is the evaluation and interpretation of artworks, the identification and adoption of creative principles of a literary direction; one of the types of literary work. Literary criticism comes from the General methodology of science, literature and draws on the history of literature. Unlike the history of literature, it illuminates the processes taking place primarily in the literary movement of our time, or interprets classical heritage from the point of view of modern social and artistic purposes. Literary criticism is closely related to life, social struggle, and philosophical and aesthetic ideas of the epoch.

The word "criticism" derives from the Greek «kritike» - the art apart, to judge. Critical judgments about literature emerged almost concurrently it was born, originally as the opinion of the most respected, wise readers. Spin-off already in antiquity in Greece and Rome and in ancient India and China as a special professional activity, literary criticism has long maintained among other forms of creativity "applied" value is the overall assessment of the work, the promotion or condemnation of the author, book recommendations to other readers.

The theoretical definition of literary criticism must be understood historically. Therefore, the criticism XVII-XVIII centuries, in accord with classical aesthetics, demanded a fair and based on common taste of evaluation work with reference to a separate "error" and "beauty". In the XIX century, criticism has developed as a kind of literature and writing came to be regarded in its relation to the era and society.

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