Anthology is literary texts of various authors, united in a collection based on genre or thematic principle. In the case of an anthology, the collection combines small-volume works. For example, stories, poetic works, critical articles and essays, or aphorisms. The combination of texts of different authors in an anthology can occur according to genre, thematic or temporary principle. For example, "The Anthology of Humor" or "Women's Poetry: Anthology." The main goal of the compilers of anthologies is to present to the reader the most important and characteristic works on a chosen topic or genre.

 It is easy to see that the genre of anthology in recent years has gained real popularity. Dozens of publications cover a wider range - from an inexhaustible collection of «Gothic»and «coffee» legends and short stories to «private» anthologies; from traditional scientific publications related to a particular period or phenomenon to annual collections of literary contests and festivals. Sometimes there are exotic literary collections.

At the same time, an anthology is not only the sum of the texts, but also a separate book genre, at least ideally, should be interesting in itself - through the principle of selecting authors, some original idea or just a good literary taste of the compiler.

Author's anthology is always something more. How much more depends on the compiler and the degree of his love for the authors and for his project.

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