Many years separate us from World War II, but time does not reduce the interest in this topic, drawing the attention of today's generation to distant front-line years, to the origins of the heroism and courage of a soldier, hero, liberator, humanitarian. Yes, the word writer on the war and the war cannot be overestimated. Apt, striking, uplifting, word, poem, song, rhyme, vivid heroic image of the soldier or the commander, they inspired the soldiers to deeds led to victory. These words today is full of Patriotic sound, and they poeticize the service of his country, assert the beauty and grandeur of our moral values. That is why we return repeatedly to the works, which formed the Golden Fund of military literature.

As there was nothing equal to this war in the history of humanity and in the history of world art was not so many different kinds of works about this tragic time. When the cannon, muses were not silent. Throughout the war, in the meantime failures and setbacks, and in days of victories - literature sought as much as possible to reveal the moral qualities of a person. Fostering love of country, literature was brought up and hatred of the enemy. Love and hate, life and death - these are contrasting concepts at the time were inseparable. Moreover, it is this contrast; this contradiction carried a higher justice and higher humanism. The strength of the literature of the war years, the secret of its wonderful success - in close connection with the people, heroically fighting the invaders.

Military literature — literature relevant to military history and the history of wars, armament and armed groups. Military genre is everything about war and military life. Listen and share your impressions in the comments.

Books about the War & Military and intelligence agencies have always played a huge role in the defense of the state, its history and success. The art of war and battle tactics everywhere important to conduct actions of attack or defense, therefore, relevant literature and all information appreciated real soldiers and men.

One way or another, but all great empires of the world sought domination through conquest of the mood when the fist and the sword helped to produce new land and power. Works about the war always reflect how unique and original the art of war was famous for one or the other state. Military history books testifies to the achievement of the Japanese samurai or medieval knights, French Legionnaires, the Ukrainian Cossacks or conquistadors. Therefore, the history of military Affairs interesting to the ordinary reader, but also difficult, is not made for all.

The literature of the war will not only talk about the big victories, the guru of strategic warfare and masters of military thought. In fact, a huge role in the process of defense land plays a weapons and technical capabilities of the army. Books on the history of martial arts also open the door to a world of unknown tools, which helped the warriors to a resounding victory.

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