Christianity is one of the most widespread religions of the world. This is the second-largest (after Buddhism) world religion, which covers three main areas - Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Protestantism.  Christianity arose in the 1st c. AD among the Jews of Palestine and soon spread throughout the entire Roman Empire.

One of the main factors of its inception was the socio-political one, which found itself in a deep crisis of the Roman Empire, accompanied by dissatisfaction of the population with the existing orders, uprisings and even civil wars. According to Christian doctrine, its founder is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, by the will of God the Father descended to earth, received human nature through the birth of the Virgin Mary, gave the commandments of the New Testament to people, received a martyrdom, rose and ascended into heaven.

 According to the Holy Scriptures, as well as other sources of that time, the first communities of Christians (near believers, the Christian Church) arose in the 1st century in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire in Palestine, the birthplace of Christ, the Holy Land due to the preaching of the Disciples of Christ - the apostles and their followers.

As in fact, the only geographic-administrative community lasted until about 484. Although already from the end of the 1st century, various sects and confrontation arose in it. The final split of the Christian Church into Eastern (Orthodoxy) and Western (Catholicism) took place 1054. Protestantism arose in 1517. These are the three main branches in Christianity.

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