Music is the air. Music is what motivates each of us and in some cases forced to move forward to meet its goal. The music is relaxing, causes the body to relax not only body and soul. Music is something that can change your mood. You will feel like you are listening to music. It is very important to listen to only the music that brings you joy, relaxes and motivates.

Music is a weapon with huge destructive power. In Nazi Germany, great crowds of people have lost exciting marches that prepared the audience to the hypnotic speeches of Adolf Hitler. Marches by themselves meant nothing, but when they were combined with a sinister thirst for enslavement, death, evil dictatorship, it became the strongest unifying tool, a symbol and a dangerous weapon. To enhance the effect, in the 30-ies of the last century Vice-Chancellor of Germany Goebbels, ordered the company "Telefunken" device adjustments voice for radio. The order was made under the one man - Adolf Hitler. Warm, velvety sound of German radios of 40 years literally conquered the audience. Turning on a radio in the morning, he did not want to turn off until the evening.

However, no less beautiful and books about music. The book which is one of began is music, musicians, musical salons, and biographies of famous composers and so on. As the saying goes: "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." Nevertheless, some writers were able to do it with dignity. Books about music are released regularly and continuously. If you love music and want to understand it, if you are interested to know more about your favorite subject, learn it deeply, then stay on our website and choose the audio book for the soul. Enjoy listening; leave your comments and impressions.

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