A legend is a poetic story about a historical event, oral folk tales about wonderful adventures, which are perceived as reliable. Legend is an exemplary synonym for the concept of myth; an epic story about what happened in time immemorial.

Like traditions, legends are called upon to preserve in people's memory and transmit to future generations knowledge about the historical past of the people, to explain the causes of various natural phenomena, their essence, to fix the folk ideas of our ancestors about them. Unlike paraphrases, legends are less reliable; fictitious, fantastic, and incredible are allowed in them. But along with this, legends are not simple fictions, because they originate from real events. Although the events in the legend are often exaggerated, in the popular mind it is still perceived as a reliable story, distinguishes it from an ordinary fairy tale, and the fantastic content of the legend is interpreted as a miracle created by unusual people. The science fiction and fiction of the legend are precisely those factors by which the vague becomes understandable and the impossible is attainable.

Fairy tales are one of the most common types of narrative folk art. There are no people on the globe who would not have created their own fairy-tale epic. Each nation has its own fairy tales and plots, in which he invests his life and social philosophy, due to life and history. The main genre feature of the tale is generally fiction. Reproducing reality, the fairy tale does not resort to fiction, the likelihood violation of the displacement of the real plan.

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