Myths evolved among different peoples in ancient times, in the early stages of development of human culture before the invention of writing, before there was science. They can be viewed as a naive attempt to explain the phenomena of reality that surrounded primitive people, as attempt to interpret the causes and consequences of these phenomena. We distinguish myth from a literary narrative; even quite fantastic because of the myth was not the author of any one person that would have invented it.

Myth is the result of collective creativity of a primitive tribe. We distinguish a myth from a fairy, because it is not meant for children and those who translated and those who listened to the translation believed its truth as it. Finally, we distinguish the myth from the actual historical narrative. In our modern language of myth we call something invalid, implausible, unreal, imaginary, something that was not in historical reality.

Each nation from the earliest times of its existence stored translations, where the present is intertwined with historical fictional. Main heroes are not only ordinary people, but also fabulous creatures, the works of rich people's fantasy: the immortal gods, demons, demigods, heroes, mighty, enormous animals, giants, dwarfs, and all sorts of monsters. Recall, for example, centaur from Greek mythology, winged horse Pegasus, the Sphinx — a lioness with a woman's head, the Chimera with the heads of lion and goat and serpent's tail and many other fantastic images.

Although the contents of myths of different Nations are quite diverse, but it is possible to enumerate certain mythological themes. It is primarily a myth about the origin of the world, about the gods, about the origin of humans, the deeds of heroes, the lineage of noble families, create cities, benefactors of mankind, decorated with a fantasy about historical events, about the miracles and monsters, about the wonderful transformations of punishing people for blasphemy, sometimes the end of the world.

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