Literature introduces the child portals to other worlds. Worlds full of interesting adventures, the secret knowledge of the unsolved mysteries and magic. Once is enough to plunge into an interesting book, and the baby not to pull out of her until he reaches the very last line that says "the END". The love for literature comes to us in different ages. However, if you start to instill in her children from a very early age, the reading will contribute maximally harmonious all-round development of his thinking and mental skills.

Art books for children is a genre that includes tales, short stories, novels, learning books and much more. Children's literature fosters in kids a love of the outdoors and respect for the people around them. This is not an empty string – a text full of hidden meaning, morality and the author's parting words. Moreover, of course, all this is combined in the book with an interesting plot and vivid images.

As for specific genres for independent reading children are encouraged fantasy, adventure, fairy tales and detective stories. Psychologists have found that child’s adventure novels and fiction books about animals for children best help to relieve stress and tension relax and calm down. In addition, classic art books for children become guides to the world of adult literature.

The main feature of the art of children's books is to minimize extensive descriptions and maximization of action. Naturally, each book has a good, good end. However, every year these books in terms of content and thoughts become more and approximate to adult literature. Except, of course, books for the little ones. Such works are distinguished by the abundance of images and minimal text. Enjoy listening.

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