World literature is an amazing combination of distinctive national literature. World literature reflected the epochs, experiences, and thoughts of people all over the globe. One of the methods to systematize this huge palette of works is periodization.

If the XVIII century was called the Enlightenment, then the XIX century is called the century of humanism. Humanism is a worldview that considers human life and personality as the highest value. It should be noted that the literary XIX century does not coincide with the calendar framework. It is customary to count the era of humanism in literature from the date of the end of the French Revolution in 1794. Events that had the same impact on human life and culture at the turn of the century were the end of the industrial revolution in England and the war for independence in the United States.

19th century literature gave the world a lot of big names and masterpieces, listed today in the list of books that must be read. Indeed, a literary boom has taken place all over the world. The world has opened the names of prominent authors, reading online books that is a pleasure! One cannot but admire Flaubert’s works and the excitement and lightness of Mark Twain’s short stories, Melville’s amazing novels and Chekhov’s deep stories, Jane Austen’s sensuality and Gogol’s wit. 19th century literature will give its reader a pleasant pastime and a ton of ideas for thought. To find the book you need, do not forget to use the LibriVox library.

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