Originally, the term «Literary Fiction» has been used to refer to the whole of fiction, which by definition was considered easy and was opposed to serious journalism. However, later it was used for books that are read for relaxation and pleasure, and then there is a massive literature. In this way, the literary fiction in equal measure can be attributed to women's romance novels, mysteries, and fantasy.

Literary Fiction – works of fiction, written mostly in prosaic genre. The word comes from the French expression "belles lettres".

Initially it arose from juxtaposing the texts written in artistic style, texts of scientific and publicistic. We can say that the concept was the genre and the generic meaning. Today literary fiction called the product for easy, requiring little intellectual effort of reading. This is not a tabloid, but not high literature. Not literature of big ideas, but not novels for one time.

Do not think that writing literary fiction is easier than the literature of big ideas. Writer must be able to read the needs of their generation of readers, finding universal images uniting all and speaks in every heart. For example, live characters of the Four Musketeers and successfully found the balance of the opposing figures for many years made the famous "historical" novel by Alexandre Dumas bestseller. To some extent a literary fiction writers were famous writers, Walter Scott, father and son Alexandre Dumas, Fenimore Cooper and Mayne Reid, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie.

Literary Fiction - a series of modern prose is of high quality, as evidenced by at least the fact that the majority of authors of books - winners of the Booker prize. With such books, the word fiction is becoming more important and almost synonymous with the word classic. Enjoy listening and share your impressions in comments.

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