Erotic literature as a genre has existed since time immemorial. Its homeland is India, a country where a culture of sensuality and passion was developed long before the first timid attempts in medieval Europe to understand their sexuality. Even Vātsyāyana, in the legendary treatise on sensuality, desire and love, the "Kama Sutra" reveals the mysteries and secrets of the relationship, full of sexual desires and sincere sensuality. Later erotica as the art form, including visual and literary, were conquered ancient Greece and Rome. Even the word "erotic" is derived from the name of the ancient Greek mythological God of love, eternal companion of Aphrodite, symbolizing love affection.

As the ancient erotic treatises and contemporary erotic literature, poetry and prose, has many common features. First, focus not only on the carnal passions and pleasures, but also on emotional sphere of feelings, desires and sensations. Contemporary erotic artworks invite you into a world of sensual passion and pure love. In the literary category "Erotica" you will find the most frank and sexual works of classical and contemporary authors who write in the language of passion and emotion.

If you like frank experiments and are not afraid to show your sensuality, then you definitely will be really enjoy of the audio works presented on our website because we have a lot of books about desires and sexual experiments. Also in this section are many well-known authors of erotic fiction and their outstanding works. You will find in this section and other equally sensitive and honest poems, collected in a colorful theme and author's compilations. All erotic literature, presented on our website you can listen absolutely free. Enjoy listening, leave your comments and impressions.

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