The reference book is a publication containing brief information of scientific, industrial or applied nature, arranged in a specific order (alphabetical, systematic, chronological, etc.) makes it easy to quickly find something. Many of the guides are provided with auxiliary pointers (alphabetical, subject, name, etc.).

Reference works are print, intended for information of different nature (scientific, applied, etc.) That determines the form of presentation and construction. The publication of reference literature is not designed for continuous and systematic reading, but only on a sample. For the content of references is characterized by breadth of scope, the pursuit of maximum completeness of the information on this particular issue, combined with extremely concise form of presentation and the arrangement of the material which contributes primarily to the rapid finding of the necessary information. In many types of reference they are the basis of the genre as a reference article, the contents, the volume, the shape of which is determined by the type of reference and its structure - vocabulary or systematic. In the field of scientific information activity, carries out gathering, processing, storage, retrieval and dissemination of documented scientific information, literature performs an important function as a credible and traditional view of information sources, some of which can be roughly attributed to secondary sources.

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