Fiction generally teaches us compassion, humanity, and the importance of love to each other, using certain methods of story to increase its influence.

At the time, as non-fiction books to support our emotions and thoughts in a well-balanced view of what is necessary for functioning in modern society

Non-fiction is all works of non-fiction, applied literature. Non-fiction publications saturate the minds of the reader’s motivation, desire and propose to learn the results of research in various fields of human activity. The experience of prominent politicians, scientists, researchers, writers and other celebrities answering questions in the various fields of knowledge and, in fact, reports about real events or global level, either from the author's life. Non - fiction books tend to contain actual journalism, history, biographies, articles, essays, analyses, facts and research.

Documentary literature helps to know about the experience of real people that affect our lives, about how to make the right decisions based on knowledge of famous personalities, significantly increase the chances of success. Typically, fiction has a higher standard than fiction. A few of the facts in a work of art does not make it true, at that time, as some fiction in a documentary or non-fiction literature can make to lose the credibility of the books of these genres.

Works of the category of non-fiction based not on the fiction but on facts. In this regard, in the category of non-fiction gets a wide range of books, including cookbooks, memoirs, essays, encyclopedias and dictionaries, popular-science literature, books on psychology and personal growth, biographies, philosophy and more. Enjoy listening.

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