Policy is a set of social practices and discourses, which have implemented the forms and methods of social control and social groups

The development and decline of states, religions, and great countries have always interested historians. Surviving historical texts and records may slightly shed light on those actions of the past. Even so, to know the truth almost impossible. Although in our world there are many mysteries, and scientists are constantly studying them in order to give satisfactory answers.

The rise and fall of Nations depends on high political skills governing circles. Throughout the history, there were plenty of mistakes that led to the formation of the modern world.

Thriller is literary genre, the plot of which tends to evoke in the reader feelings of excitement, fear and even despair. The genre has certain restrictions: the product can present the features of a detective or even a romantic prose. In contrast to the classical detective story, the Thriller is not obligatory successful conclusion. Very often in modern thrillers, the ending is left open and gives the reader a theme for reflection.

People want to know the history and have a great interest in world politics. Books allow you to access the mysteries and secrets of life behind the scenes, thus removing the mask from all public figures. We have numerous historical books of military and political issues as well as fiction in which the main emphasis is on history. Deep reflections on the internal and international politics from businessmen, political leaders, famous thinkers. These books not only for officials but also for anyone who wants to know the opinion of prominent people and experts on political processes, past and present, and also to better understand what is happening in the modern world. Enjoy listening.

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