A suspense is a literary work, in which there is a riddle and which necessarily causes the reader a sense of anxiety or fear.

Unlike a detective or action movie, the suspense does not have explicit genre frames. The main task of books of this genre is to provide maximum nervous tension associated with an existing riddle that will not let the reader go to the end of the work. A thriller or suspense with the same success can be a fantastic work, a spy novel, or even sentimental prose.

Thriller or suspense is a unique genre in film and literature. All the works of this genre should fulfill one main goal - they should cause the viewer or reader feelings of excitement, fear and tension. In addition, if the suspense does not fulfill these goals, then he does not cope with his task.

 In a thriller, as a rule, the story is narrated on behalf of the victim or the criminal, the plot technique of dragging out a dramatic pause is widely used. It should cause the viewer tense expectation and nervous anxiety, as well as expressive potent means - naturalistic details, sudden big plans, noise effects, darkened frame fraught with threat, corresponding musical accompaniment.

Since this is a direction in which there is an image of negative characters who commit illegal acts contrary to generally accepted rules, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish a genre from a detective.

No one has yet to fully determine how the suspense exactly differs from horrors and from other genres too. Only one thing is clear: if the reader or the listener is very nervous while reading or listening, it means the thriller turned out, and is there any real cause for concern - it is not so important.

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