The books inthe section«Historical fiction»are fascinating historical novels by Simon Scarrow, Tim Severin, Giles Christian, Maurice Druon, Conn Iggulden and many other. The action in their narratives takes place in distant times from us, which makes it even more interesting and attractive for reading and comprehension. The works collected here deal with the difficult life of the geniuses of the Renaissance, whose gift often became a curse, as well as the heroic pages of the Roman Empire, a look at which was given from the usual representatives of the army at that time, faced with many trials and struggling with strong opponents . In addition, here you will find novels about the times of Genghis Khan, in which, along with a description of the great conquests and fierce battles, there is a place for a mystical element characteristic of civilizations of that era.

Fans of Russian culture and history can pick up books from the series “Primordial Russia,” which tell about the initial stages of Slavic statehood, about the great princes, their campaigns and deeds, about battles with the Crusader knights and with the Golden Horde warriors, about the rise of Moscow and about the times of Ivan the Terrible.

 In these historical novels, amazing adventures and stories about the fate of outstanding people await you. Books worth reading to feel the spirit of the era: exotic and national color, intrigue and witchcraft, riddles of ancient manuscripts and ancient prophecies.

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