A memoir is a narrative form of notes on behalf of the author about the real events of the past, a party to or a witness, which he was. The leading symptom of the genre of memoir writer is a subjective interpretation of certain historical events, the life of the concrete historical personality involving documents, mapping our own spiritual experience of the author with the inner world of his characters, socio-psychological nature of their actions, motivation, actions and decisions.

The founder of this genre is Xenophon is the author of the memories of Socrates and the military campaign of the Greeks. The memoirs of inherent realism, historical accuracy, although not excluded the author's right for artistic speculation. The Memoirs are characterized by the dual view of the writer on the events that he describes: so he perceived their validity, but (taking into account life experience, public opinion), these events appeared in his mind years later, at the time creative work on a memoir.

Speaking of the past, the author almost never can be within one time of measurement. The memoirs are divided into three categories: object, purpose and meaning which lies in the reconstruction of the object of copyright, i.e. events, situations, people; subject, the main interest of which is directed to the figure of the author; memories that seamlessly combines both approaches. The simplest form of the modern genre of memoir writer — letters. Similar to them are diaries, but they are supplemented by other genres of memoirs. The author reflects on today's events for him, the author of the diary is moving to a future that he can foresee. The authors of the works of other memoir genres, on the contrary, return to the past.

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