History is above all a vision that requires temporal and spatial distance, with a firm objective analysis. Only completed historical cycles (economic, political, religious, cultural, etc.), that is, the processes for which it is possible to gain a comprehensive picture, this is the subject of history.

History is a science about the appearance of people in a certain area, their settlement and way of life, their ethno genesis, of the relationship with other people, of material and spiritual development, the struggle for independence.

The study of the Humanities is an important part of the education and ideological training of modern specialists. Moreover, it contributes to the development of individuality and the development of its creative approach to solving production problems. Critical social science is history.

History is the study of past human society and its modernity. It is also the science of the regularities of development of public life in concrete forms, in space-time dimensions. The past is an active factor of changes that are happening today. The content of the story actually has a historical process, which is disclosed in the events of human life, which is preserved in historical monuments and sources. These events are extremely diverse. They relate to the development of the economy, internal and foreign policy, international relations, activities of historical figures.

History — the science is multidisciplinary. It consists of a number of independent branches of historical knowledge, namely the history of economic, political, social, military, history of state and law and the like.

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