«Biography»is the biography of an outstanding personality. The term exists since the sixth century. Biography as a literary genre originated in ancient Greece and did not have clear boundaries; the hero of the biography could become the face not only real, but also legendary. The origins of the biography go to pre-literate era ("the Iliad" and "Odyssey", VIII century BC). The biographical genre is the genre of science fiction, which includes many varieties of scientific biography, fictionalized biography, a novel, an autobiography, etc. The history of the genre dates back to ancient times, a sample of ancient biography are the "Comparative biographies" by Plutarch.

Autobiography is consistent the author's description of his life. Usually, the person who started to write an autobiography has already reached a mature age and wants to think about his life.

Usually, the autobiography includes not only a dry chronicle of events, but also a brief pedigree, talks about his childhood, adolescence, youth and maturity, love and friendship, education and interests, social life and career choices. The author could pay more attention to the different clusters depending on the goal he pursues.

Of course, human cannot be able to be historically accurate when he tells us about the past: he often "writes" or "rewrites" of your life. Than an autobiography different from a memoir? Because they seem so similar. In both cases, the unconditional value of human life, a unique experience. However, biography is a chronicle of internal human life, whereas a memoir through the prism of his fate paint a picture of an entire historical epoch. In his memoirs, the first is the human environment, in his autobiography – himself.

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