What is poetry? Of course, each of us knows, since the history of this literary genre has its roots in very ancient times.  Still not knowing the written language, humankind already understood that the information set forth in a rhymed verse is understood and remembered better than any simple story.

Poetry is a genre of literature, containing in its basis poetic masterpieces with perfect imagery, achieved with a harmonious combination of the original form and new content with sensual coloring.  Surprisingly, even during the time of Plato (four hundred years before Christ) - education and training consisted of gymnastics, music, poetry and mathematics. The authors themselves, creating their masterpieces, give each word no less meaning than its intentions and the content of the entire work.

Poetry played a big role in creating beautiful, popular songs. Indeed, many verses fit very well on music and are transformed into a wonderful piece of music. Mostly a verse is a rhyming narrative. However, there is such a direction as writing "white poems", which do not have a rhyme.

However, regardless of the fact that there are many types of verses, they are not separated from each other by a blank wall, but on the contrary, they are in great communication and interact with each other.  In simple words, in such works you can state any of your feelings and emotions: feelings and joy, concern for the problem, your love for the world, city, native land, people, etc. On our website you will find a large selection in the genre of "Weekly and fortnightly poetry".  Enjoy the listening.

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