The collection is a kind of literary publications, including in its membership some of the literary heritage of one or more authors. Collection istle most flexible form of literary and art publication, with a large number of varieties. It can be presented the works of all without exception, genera, and genres (even the most concise) literature of the past and present have been selected in the squad, meet the needs of any range of readers and listeners: well-known, popular, long and firmly forgotten, the first published, etc.

The very definition of the collection captures the first level of differentiation: the collections are divided into more (personal) and collective. The principles of selection of works by one or several authors for the compilation of the form in all its varieties, is often a kind of collection gets the name on the basis of (combinations of characteristics) that defines its composition.

A collection of the author may present the part of the writer allocated based on works belonging to a kind and genre, theme and period of work etc.

Literary collection is traditionally one of the most significant and dynamically developing up to the present time sections of national bookstore repertoire: the number of titles of works of art has grown over the last decade.

Publications of works of literature focuses on the satisfaction of the entire spectrum of reading interests mass, group and individual audiences, the breadth of which is determined by the fact that fiction is not only a means of aesthetic pleasure, but an object of scientific study for the complex of philology, first and foremost literature.

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