Poetry is an artistic creative verbal art. The term is used in many values. First of all he calls the art of words (including folklore), filled with the energy of the “aristocratic spirit”

In a narrower sense poetry is rhythmically organized speech based on specific historical verification system that is different from prose. Sometimes this term denotes the poetic works of a particular author, niche or era. It is used in a figurative sense as charm, attractiveness, and sometimes even as a synonym of fiction.

Meaning of the term poetry specifically, species in comparison with the generic term “lyrics”. They are very close to each other, but not identical. In the history of literature have happened when the birth of the literary — epic, drama, and not only the lyrics contained in both poetry and prose. So, epic is in the early stages of the development of literature was often poetic (the ancient epics, medieval songs about heroic deeds, epic etc.), as well the dramatic works of Shakespeare, for example had sometimes a poetic form.

Poetry shows its artistic autonomy, creating a “second reality” associated with the world many associate channels. Therefore, attempts of unilateral dependence from the external reality, converting it into a means of manipulating aesthetic systems (politics, ideology, religion and the like) lead to the discrediting of the essence of this art. Based on irrational principles understanding of the world, great poetry thus from the logical structures. This distinguishes it from prose, with its strong logical component that increases the share of rational signs in the novel or story.

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