The game has a socio-historical origin. In the original ancestral society where the child was directly involved to work adults role-playing game was absent. The game performs the function of bridging the gap between generations of communication, the transmission between generations of experience.

The game is kind of a special form of development of real social reality by playing. It is a type of symbolic modeling of reality. The game model contains a "cultural code" of personal development; this is an emotionally intense activity that captures the child as a whole. The motive of the game lies in the gameplay; the formula of the motivation of the game is not to win but to play.

The game is the first work, which belongs especially significant role in the development of the self in the development of its properties and enriching its internal content, moral and volitional qualities. How does the game on the mental development of the child? What age characteristics to consider when organizing the game? In the study of child, development shows that the game is more effective than in other types of activities that develop all mental processes.

The game is social in its origin and content of historical education, due to the development of society, its culture. This is a special form of life of the child in society, an activity in which the children doing the roles of adults, reproducing their life, work and relationships.

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