In the language of fiction, there are many different styles and trends. Style in literature is a strict language works, which is characterized by certain tropes, a particular kind of speech (sublime, solemn, low), one or the other manner of treatment. The style is a "tool" language of literature, thanks to which it acquires unique properties. This section presents audio works in free style.

Free verse, vers Libre (FR. vers libre), a special system of versification, which is characterized is not yet well understood laws; as the only constant feature of all types of free verse., separating it from fiction, usually, a graphical installation on a verse and resulting poems pauses.

Alternating rows of different lengths, no rhyme, small order accents and intervals between the drums isolate free from the strict verse forms of poetry. However, syllabic structure, accentual system and syntactical uniformity of organizations within the works linked free verse with more traditional forms of native poetry.

Free verse is often written in works with epic beginning, philosophical issues and motifs of memories. Incentives for the emergence and evolution of free verse: the need to upgrade the poetic systems; the influence of the forms of folk poetry; the influence of biblical and liturgical verse; impoverishment  rhythmic repertoire; experience (translations, imitations, searches of the metric-rhythmic equivalents) of foreign literatures; the impact of spoken language.

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