Non-fiction texts have their private typology: the mass communication texts; scientific texts; official texts. Non-fiction text is constructed according to the laws of logical thinking, and usually one-dimensional and monotonous. The reality in this real and objective. The function of non-fiction texts is communication and information.

In non-fiction text, verbal imagery is not fundamentally necessary, and when there is only a means of information transfer. For non-fiction, text is important logical-conceptual, objective essence of facts, phenomena. Constructive role in non-fiction texts deemed to comply with the structure of rational and logical (relate the text to reality). The role of emotional-rhetorical structures is increasing in various texts in the movement from the scientific to the artistic presentation. Such texts, like science and business (relatively simple in structural terms) are organized in mostly rational and logical structures.

In different types of text are detected various forms of representations of authorship. The choice of forms depends on the General characteristics of the text, purpose, and function. These forms can be personal (when the subject of the speech is marked directly, personified), impersonal, personal-impersonal.

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