Sport is activity of subjects in the sphere of physical culture and sports, aimed at identifying and standardized comparison of achievements of people in physical, intellectual, and other activity by conducting sports competitions and training for them. Sport has the following fields: kid’s sports, youth sports, backup sport, elite sport, professional sport, sport veterans, Olympic sports non-Olympic sports, sports of disabled persons and the like. Sport is Despina struggle and move forward. The turbulent element, which captures real and seething passions. Sport is a passion pure passion, to the spirit of competition, to win. Only the strong and hardy manages to conquer Olympus.

Recreation is biological “balance” of the body, its functions and components (organs, cells after intense muscular and intellectual work; it is an important factor in improving the performance of athletes. To recover and to avoid fatigue, it is necessary to use special methods and means, activating the regenerative processes in the body. From a pedagogical means of recovery, it is important to combine exertion and rest at different stages of many years training of athletes, to correctly build each individual training session, use special exercises to speed up recovery.

Psychological recovery is also quite diverse – it is a dream-relaxation, muscle relaxation, special breathing exercises, aimed primarily at improving mood, well-being and resolve negative emotions. A special place among the means of recovery is biomedical. Nutrition, pharmaceuticals and vitamins, sports drinks, hydrotherapy, massage and other means are widely used as components of training athletes in different countries.

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