Atheism is a variety of radical forms of denial of religious beliefs. It is cults and belief in supernatural forces, which is based on the assertion of the intrinsic value of the existence of the world and man; a system of views with evidence-based criticism of religious ideology aimed at refuting church dogmas on the basis of opposing the scientific and religious understanding of the world.

Atheism originated in the belt of antiquity. During the Middle Ages, elements of atheism were observed mainly in popular heretical movements. In the early modern period, atheism was especially promoted by French philosophers (Voltaire, Didro, J. La Mettrie and others). The promotion of atheism is mainly associated with the development of scientific knowledge. At the same time, atheism played a large role in the adoption of the scientific method of thinking, the liberation and secularization of art, morality, law, philosophy and politics from dogmatic forms of thinking. Based on atheism, scientific and historical ideas were formed, they refuted the dogmas about the origin of power from God and its sacred and inviolable nature, about the immutability of societies, order etc.

Agnosticism is a theory that claims that the existence of God can neither be proved nor disproved.  “Agnostic” is defined as “lack of knowledge”. In fact, agnosticism is a more intellectually honesty form of atheism, because atheists claim that God does not exist, and for them this is an undeniable fact.  Agnostics believe that the existence of God cannot be proved or disproved, so we cannot know whether He exists or not.

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