It is difficult to find people who are indifferent to the sport, because it carries a charge of vivacity and positive, prolongs life and strengthens the body. Sports fans in football called the "twelfth player", noting their high involvement in the game and your favorite team. An avid fan of a sport few visits to matches and competitions — he always learns new facts about the team or their favorite players, coach’s tactics and strategies.

Such readers will appreciate the biographies of famous trainers, books about success stories of favorite athletes and collectors with fascinating stories from the life of sports clubs or sports in general. In addition to the known facts, in such publications and presented literature, personal interviews, details of life unknown to the public.

Those who have already engaged in some sport, too theoretical training on its history or technique. In books about football, boxing, chess, bodybuilding you will find a lot of useful information that can be applied in training and competition.

No less interesting are the books written directly by the athletes, because they can tell you about the colossal experience from the first person. World-renowned athletes on the pages of the author's publications are eager to share their training programs, success stories and motivation, helping the reader to aim at achieving new heights in your chosen sport.

Autobiographies of athletes, books on sports for kids, art works, books about the history of the sport – all this you will find in audio format on our website. Enjoy listening to the best works of the genre "Sports fiction".

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