Exploration is the process of scientific study of any object (object, phenomenon) with the aim of identifying its patterns of occurrence, development and transformation in the interests of society.

In the philosophical dictionary gives a more simple definition. "Scientific exploration" is the process of generating new scientific knowledge, one of the types of cognitive activities.

It is characteristic that in the past the concept of "exploration" was associated only with a specialized scientific activity. Modern trends in the development of society and individuals show the emergence of new needs. On the one hand, many professional activities today require a scientific approach, and thus studies get integrated into normal practice.

Without researches cannot be produced new devices and technology becomes better. Every minute while you sleep or use a favorite device of the great technological minds scratching their heads over how to do something. With the development of high technology, people began to demand too much, but not all know what they want. It helps to find proper thread in the realization of each gadget, make glass stronger, and processors smarter.

Books about the researches appeared thanks to scientists who are constantly carrying out some interesting research and find out amazing facts about our world and us. How does the human mind works? What are doing the brain during sleep? What promotes longevity? Why do people get depressed? Is it possible to train your willpower and your own productivity? This is not all the questions to try to answer in the books, psychologists, doctors, sociologists and other researchers. Enjoy listening to the best audio book in genre «Explorations», please leave your comments.

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