Fiction as the art of words is divided into three literary genders: epic, lyrics and drama. There are also works that clearly cannot be attributed to one or another genus. They unite in intergeneric formations. Such works harmoniously combine the features of various literary genera and have special names. For example, works of art combining the signs of lyrics and epics are called lyric-epic. The works of each literary kind come in different genres.

The literary genre is a conditional combination of literary works according to a certain structure and general signs of depicting reality. For example, literature knows the novel of chivalry, adventure, historical, and many others.

Works of a hybrid or indefinite genre nature began to develop especially actively: plays that are difficult to say about, comedy or tragedy, verses that cannot be given any genre definition, except that this is a lyrical poem. The fall of clear genre identifications turned out to be in intentional authorial gestures aimed at destroying genre expectations.

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