Jurisprudence - the science that focuses on studying issues related to the basics of legal literacy of the person. It is made up of legal discipline. It examines all branches of law in a complex, is system analysis study.

This study examines the system of law in General, in relationship with the different industries, it also allows to understand the essence of law and state, their origin, development, and ongoing in modern society the state-legal phenomena. In the study of law much attention is paid to understanding key legal concepts and terms (rule of law, legal fact, legal, etc.), their essence.

The law is voluminous literature section, which is popular among the profile of students and working professionals in the legal sphere. Educational literature on law includes a summary and detail on many aspects. Even experienced expert (lawyer, lawyer, Prosecutor) can ask for help in specialized publications.

This category contains the most popular and demanded literature for lawyers. This is a extensive section that presents the literature of various kinds: history and General theory, normative-legal acts, criminal law, administrative, civil, labor and international law and even legal fiction. It can be as educational works, and a fascinating essay, is designed for a wide range of readers. Enjoy listening, share with friends and leave your comments.

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