Fiction’s representation of nature is closely intertwined with the identity of the person whose image characteristic national features, traditions and culture of those native places inherent in it. Poets and prose writers chant nature, as the admiration for the beauty of the world with an inseparable love for his native land, and to new exciting places in our country.

Reading books about nature and animals, people receive interesting and useful information about the environment, imbued with love of nature, learns about the peculiarities of the fauna and flora, and learns friendship, reciprocity, responsibility, compassion, independence. A situation in which heroes get, allow you to learn how to behave in those or other cases and to exercise the powers of observation and the ability to analyze the reading.

The books in this section provide stories about nature, pet and wild animals, their habitats and relationships in the natural environment. Works by foreign authors written in a simple, easy and kid-friendly language supplemented with quality illustrations that increase the interest to the story and to the topic.

Directory "LibriVox" includes both fairy tale stories, where the rabbits, the young hedgehogs, ducklings, kittens, piglets, bear cubs; puppies are endowed with human traits and become the central characters of the narrative, and the story about the children and adults who care about our smaller brethren. There are also books about the characters of your favorite cartoons. Enjoy listening to favorite pieces, share with friends, leave your comments.

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