Writing as a genre arose because of fit the shape of personal and business correspondence, for the needs of journalism. As published, the writing became the property of the audience, because of this to present the genre can only be fully such writings, which are of public importance and therefore only fall within the scope of interests of the audience. Bringing in business or personal correspondence of ideas, important for society as a whole, was a necessary condition of the formation of the letters as a separate genre of journalism. Significant impact on the nature of the genre had all sorts of proclamations, leaflets, proclamations distributed among the population in various periods of social cataclysms – insurrections, revolutions. Appeals, leaflets and flyers were published and the Newspapers that did not go to journalism without a trace.

Publication, made in the genre of writing, often called the epistolary journalism. Epistolary journalism in genres should be distinguished from publications of different genres that fit under the rubric of "Writings from our readers" in many newspapers and magazines. In this case, the field signifies only that the material received in the mail and that it is not a full-time employee of the publisher. The genre of the publication of such a heading is not affected, it should not be considered as a genre factor.

Linguistics is the science of language, but it is not, what do the linguists. Someone confuses linguist is a polyglot, thinking that the linguist knows many foreign languages. Someone call a linguist, translator or teacher of foreign language. Linguistics includes observation; the registration and description of the facts of speech, hypotheses to explain these facts; formulation of hypotheses in the form of theories and models describing the language; their experimental verification and refutation; prediction of verbal behavior. The explanation of the facts is an internal (through language the facts) or external (using the facts of physiological, psychological, logical or social).

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