Art is one of the forms of social consciousness, is the kind of human activity that reflects reality in a concrete-sensual images in accordance with certain aesthetic ideals. In a broad sense, art is called perfect skill in any business, industry skills.

Original art called a high degree of skill in any case. This is the meaning of the word present in the language until now, when we talk about the art of doctor or teacher, martial art or oratory. Later, the concept of "art" became increasingly used to describe special activities aimed at the reflection and world transformation in accordance with the aesthetic norms, i.e., laws great. Thus the original meaning of the word preserved, to create something beautiful, requires the highest skill.

The development of art as an element of spiritual culture is due to how general patterns of human existence and humanity, and aesthetically artistic patterns, aesthetic and artistic views, ideals and traditions.

Historically a relatively stable spectrum of types of art: architecture, sculpture, painting, graphics, decorative and applied art, cinema, TV, literature. Each of them develops one way or the other multifaceted human being and it has its specific artistic and figurative language.

Types of art can be classified as spatial (plastic), where the image deployed in space; time, where the image evolves over time (music, literature). Also it can be:temporal, spatial, or spectacular, where the image is characterized by physicality, and duration (dance etc.) visual art, use signs similar to the reality (painting, sculpture, etc.) Types of use of signs is concealed by speaking directly to the associative mechanisms of perception (architecture, music, etc.) synthetic - types, where the signs are of mixed nature (art song, etc.).

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