The easiest way to raise a child as a genius is to instill in him a love of reading. In the books you can find any information left by our ancestors. It contains the unique knowledge of our time, systematized by experts in their field. The love of reading will expand the horizons of the child, develop his imagination and help determine his life goals.

The main task of the non-fiction genre is to reliably reveal a part of our life to the child. Moreover, to do this in such a way that the young reader not only understood what was written, but also did not get bored, reading, as it often happens during work with educational literature. It is equally important for such books to show the systemic nature of the Universe, the principles of the coexistence of people and nature, i.e. to take the child beyond everyday life, but not into the world of fantasy, but into an equally interesting reality filled with unusual stories more than any fantastic novel.

Much has been said about the value of fiction for the development of the child: articles, studies, and dissertations are devoted to it. Parents and teachers who care about lists of works for school reading know about it. There is much less information about the importance of cognitive publications, and the function of deeply introducing children to reality has been transferred to school, the Internet and television. Someone is lucky with good teachers who know how to captivate the subject, or with high-quality programs like “Mythbusters”. Others grow up without being interested in any field of knowledge, without having a systematic picture of the world, without understanding the value of knowledge.

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