We learn foreign languages to succeed in career, move to another country or just because we like the language and culture of its speakers. Meanwhile, the study of languages carries enormous benefits for our mind and brain development. Curiously, from this point of view it is better to master several languages, not perfectly, than to learn one foreign thoroughly.

Because language learning is one of the best exercises for brain development, its ability to learn and accept new. Our brain is always trying to improve the process, which we do more often – it optimizes it, it tries to associate with this process the release of more pleasure hormones, etc. If you learn a foreign language, your brain is growing, and in the literal sense of the word. More precisely, its separate areas — the hippocampus and some areas of the cerebral cortex.

The researchers, who published the results of a study of the brains of professional translators, noted the increase in the volume of gray matter in those who for at least three months doing in-depth study of the language. Moreover, the more efforts made a particular study participant, the more noticeable was the increase in the volume of gray matter.

To know a foreign language, you should not just cram the dictionary, and to treat language as a living person, study his pedigree, and, most importantly, the reasons why he is. Therefore, our collection is not just books on how to learn the language, and these linguistic anthologies that dig to the core of the nature of language, which greatly facilitate the process of learning and understanding. Enjoy listening, share with your friends.

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