Physics is the fundamental science about nature, about the properties of matter and laws of its movement. Studies and researches elementary particles, atomic nuclei, atoms and molecules, solids, liquids and gases, plasma, physical fields - gravitational, electromagnetic. Physics studies the mechanical, thermal, electrical, magnetic, light, acoustic and other phenomena of nature.

Methods the research is divided into experimental and theoretical physics.Sources physical knowledge of the world is the observation, measurement, experiment (experience), thinking (the scientific predictions of hypothesis, imagination, intuition, etc.) and mathematical calculations.Physical theory and methods are widely used in the study of other natural Sciences (chemistry, astronomy, biology).

Physics is the theoretical basis of modern technology. Based on physical discoveries occurred electrical engineering, radio engineering, electronics, nuclear power, semiconductor, laser and cryogenic technics, the creation of materials with predetermined properties.

Mechanics is the science of the motion of material bodies and of their movements, the interactions between them. Thus investigated the interactions result in changes to the character of the movement or the deformation of the bodies.

Mechanics studies the movement of heavenly bodies and aircraft of various machines and mechanisms, atmospheric and ocean currents, the movement of liquids and gases in engineering systems and natural conditions. In addition, this science is interested in the behavior of the plasma, environment in magnetic and electric fields, the deformation of the bodies, the strength and stability of building and technical installations, the movement of blood through the vessels and airway.

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