Astronomy is one of the oldest Sciences, was born from the practical needs of man and the desire to understand the environment. Modern astronomy is the science of celestial bodies, the laws of their movements, buildings and development, as well as on the structure and development of the Universe as a whole is one of the important components of science. It is now the all-wave, experimental and evolutionary science. In every cosmic phenomenon, and the process can be monitored expression of the basic, fundamental laws of nature. In our time, based on astronomical research are largely shaped the principles of knowledge of matter and the Universe, the most important scientific generalization.

Constantly growing practical importance of astronomical research, significantly contribute to the development of physics, chemistry, other natural Sciences, technology and energy. The relationship of astronomy to other Sciences, its impact on the development of culture and technology is complex and multifaceted.

The level of development of astronomy defines the foundations of the world people. Astronomy continues to significantly influence the development of philosophical doctrines, and its contribution to the development of civilization cannot be overestimated. Astronomy is always at the forefront of science. She works closely with physics, chemistry and biology on a variety of issues, which these Sciences attempt to explore beyond Earth. This has led to the emergence of astrophysics and astronomy, and subsequently astrobiology.

Astronomy is in many ways an amazing science. Received knowledge is an important treasure of our civilization. Therefore, we will be happy to provide you with a selection of audio books in the genre «Astronomy». Enjoy listening, leave your comments and impressions.

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