Crime is an act that entails a shameful or painful punishment. Such definitions are called normative or formal, since they do not reveal the social nature of the crime. However, the prominent scientist and forensic scientist Cesare Beccaria noted that crime is an act that causes harm to society.

It often happens that a high-profile crime that has attracted the attention of the public becomes a source of inspiration for the writer. It is worth adding that detective stories and novels that describe criminal incidents are always popular with readers.

To touch on the topic of crime in his work for the writer is a very responsible task that requires a logical explanation, both from the misconduct of the hero and from the point of view of the author himself.  Crime — an offense (socially dangerous act), the commission of which entails the application of criminal liability measures to a criminal.

Perhaps there is not a single branch of law whose provisions would be displayed in fiction as vividly as the provisions of criminal law. The eternal problem of crime and punishment is reflected on the pages of tabloid novels, detective stories, and classic works. The most famous world works in the genre of "True Crime" are presented on this section. Enjoy the listening.

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