Craft is a small manual production based on the use of hand tools, personal skills of the employee, allows you to produce high quality, often highly artistic products. The craft arose with the beginning of human production, has passed a long historical path of development, taking various forms:

Home craft - in subsistence farming;

Craft to order - in conditions of decomposition of subsistence farming;

Craft to market.

The appearance and development of cities as handicraft and trade centers is associated with the emergence of custom-made crafts, and especially the market. Home craft is often called home industry, craft to order and to the market - artisanal industry.

Hobbies - this is what people like to do in their free time, and fills their life with a certain meaning. It is impossible to devote all your time to basic work and ordinary business. Interests gives a person the opportunity to relax. While doing what he loves, a person, first, satisfies the most important, from the point of view, spiritual comfort, the need for self-realization, undoubtedly, provides her with spiritual growth and gives her life much more vivid colors and positive emotions.

Everyone has his or her free time. In order for a person to feel happy, he needs to somehow pass this watch. It is best to spend them with benefit. Often, a favorite hobby that interests a person turns into a business that will be profitable. Each person is not like the other. We differ in appearance, character and preferences. The most important thing in life is self-realization, the search for something that would benefit both others and ourselves. Hobbies help bring this need to life.

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