Scientific literature is a collection of written and printed works that are created as a result of scientific research or theoretical generalizations and distributed in order to inform specialists about the latest scientific achievements, progress and research results. Regardless of the particular branch of knowledge, the subject matter of the scientific literature is science itself - ideas and facts, laws and categories discovered by scientists. A scientific work is not considered completed if its results are not fixed in writing for transfer to others (in case of a question about fixing the priority for a scientific discovery, publication of scientific works is necessary).

Popular science literature is the common name for books in which the language and science discoveries are accessible to the general public.

The history of popular science works spans several centuries, including the poem “Letter on the Use of Glass” by M. V. Lomonosov and the “The Chemical History of a Candle” by M. Faraday. However, in recent decades, there has been a boom in popular science literature for adults, which explains the well-known scientific theory and achievements of science of the last decades from genetics to string theory as simply and easily as possible. Among the well-known popularizers of science are Stephen Hawking, Sam Keen, Richard Dawkins, Alexander Markov and many other modern researchers and scientists.

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