Design is a specific series of project activities that combines art and subject art and scientifically based engineering practice in the field of industrial production. Realizing the design functions: reflective, educational, cognitive, communicative, hedonic, intelligence uses all three types of mental activity: visual-business, sensually figurative, conceptual-logical.

Architecture is both the science and art of building design, as well as the actual system of buildings and structures that form the spatial environment for the life and work of people in accordance with the laws of beauty. At the present stage of human development, architecture is one of the most important parts of the means of production (industrial architecture - the construction of factories, factories, power plants, etc.) and the material livelihoods of human society (civil architecture - residential buildings, public buildings, etc.).

There are so many books, albums and catalogs on design and architecture that if you try to make a list, it will turn out at least kilometer. We decided not to try to grasp the immensity and chose the best audio books for you on a wide variety of topics: from decorating tips to a selection of the best houses of our time. Enjoy listening and leave your comments.

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