Art. How much meaning lies in this simple word?  Art surrounds us everywhere and through the life, but to understand art it is not enough to go to museums, exhibitions and take selfies on the background of monuments, of course we must also turn to books.

The notion of art is extremely broad - it can express itself in very simple things, but at the same time in extremely developed skill in a particular industry. For a long time art was considered like a type of cultural activity that satisfied a person’s need of beauty. However, over time, with the development of the evolution of social and aesthetic norms almost any activity aimed at creating aesthetically expressive forms has become called art. On a global scale art is a special way of knowing and displaying reality, one of the forms of artistic activity, part of a person’s spiritual culture. Everything is much simpler in science - art is the creative activity and result of a work of art.

Books on art and culture give their readers or listeners the opportunity to present and study the development of these areas throughout the history of humanity. There are books about literature, painting, music, architecture, theater, cinema and more. We have compiled for you a selection of the most famous and useful works and textbooks of world art and cultural scientists, biographies of famous art geniuses from Leonardo da Vinci to Coco Chanel. Art and culture are a necessary condition for the existence of society because in every person there is a sense of beauty.

We have collected editions for you that will help you understand and delve into classical and contemporary art. Have a nice listening. Do not forget to write reviews and comments.

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