For centuries many believed that the "king James Version" is the only correct Bible. In 1870 in England began work on its new version and therefore, there appeared "the English revised translation." Later, having undergone some changes, he was issued as the "American standard version". In addition, in the Preface to the revised 1982 edition of the "Authorized translation" during its creation, the translators have tried to "keep the melody of language, which became famous for the "Authorized translation" 1611.

As before, the Bible is a world best-seller, and "king James Bible" — the most common translation. However, this is an observation made by Professor Richard Moulton: "for our part, we can say, did everything as it should having toiled over the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures. We have translated them, revised the translations for the Bible you now need only one — just to read it."

Undoubtedly, the "king James Bible" is a literary masterpiece, appreciated and loved by many for the amazing poetry of the language. However, what can you say about the importance of the Bible's message itself? The Bible is a book inspired of God and it says that finally will be solved the problems inherent in our extraordinarily difficult times. No matter what Bible translation you use, but the fact that you read it, or at least interested in this issue, that is good.

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