Cookbook or cookery book is a reference publication containing mainly various recipes for cooking and drinks. Modern cookbooks, in addition to recipes, may contain tips on table setting, proper nutrition, advises about choosing of products and kitchen appliances, etc.

Ancient clay tablets were found in Mesopotamia, which contained recipes for preparing dishes - perhaps these are the first cookbooks in history. The oldest culinary book in Europe is considered to be De re coquinaria written in Latin at the end of IV - beginning of V century. The first printed edition of this book have been published in 1483.

Nowadays there are a huge number of cookbooks and various recipes for tasty and healthy cooking. And even if you start reading them from early childhood, then for sure, one life is not enough for you. In a wide variety there are a lot of legendary books, works of famous people and culinary specialists with useful tips, unique dishes, but also enough unnecessary, and useless literature that will only occupy a place in your house. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, we offer a book selection - the best cookbooks in audio format, giving an opportunity to look into the wonderful world of cooking.

You can cook a simple whip up dinner and you can turn cooking into a real art - be inspired by interesting ideas, learn new recipes and create real masterpieces. Do you want to surprise your loved ones with tasty dishes every day? Step-by-step master classes, unusual ideas, exquisite recipes are all in the genre «cooking» on our website.

Take the opportunity to listen to the best audio books about cooking, because it is so convenient and you can do several things at once. Do not forget to leave your impressions and comments.

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