Animals are all creatures belonging to the animal world, of different complexity, from simple organisms, like sponges, to very highly organized as man.

Animals make up at least three-quarters of all living species on the globe; from plants and other organisms, they differ in that they are able to move. Even in the most tiny animals have muscles and therefore they can move in search of food, in search of a partner for procreation or the desire to escape from enemies.

People also belong to the animal world, though often, saying "animals" mean all animals, except man. Sometimes people refer to mammals are warm - blooded animals such as dogs, cows or lions, unlike birds, reptiles or fish.

Animals are amazing creatures that live alongside humans but remain to the last a mystery. People since ancient times have noticed that many of our smaller brothers have a special gift of prophecy. It is worthwhile to observe our smaller brothers. Perhaps they are able to inform people about something very important. Even though the mechanism of their vision and remains a mystery

What role in our lives animals play? Sometimes much unexpected. Penguins dwell in the house and radically change lives, the family cat begins to investigate the crime, and exotic animals become best friends. Unique coloring pages for adults help to create the world of your dreams, and all known Max fry brings the percentage of lions in our lives to the maximum. We have assembled a collection of audio books about animals. Enjoy listening, share your impressions in the comments.

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